I would like to find out if my Ubuntu VM uses tcp-offloading to increase the performance of VXLAN encapsulation. Where can I find this information on my machine?


NIC properties and settings are typically displayed with the ethtool command. In this case the --show-offload option may provide insightful details.

But please bear in mind that you're using a virtual server with (para-) virtualised hardware and the features a virtual network adapter shows not necessarily correspond to what is done by the hypervisor which actually controls the hardware.

  • Great! That was what I was looking for. And thank you for mentioning to treat the output with care. – arne.z May 2 '16 at 23:21

I saw this was answered already, but if you run Wireshark on a machine using TCP offloading, in the packet details it'll say that the checksum is incorrect for everything exiting the machine.

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