I am trying to install an SSL certificate on my Apache server that's hosted on an EC2 instance from AWS. I originally intended to go with AWS Certificate Manager and put the SSL on a Load Balancer but I have no need for more than one EC2 instance.

What I have found is that you can install the SSL directly to the server that's hosted at AWS. What I am confused about is how to do it. https://www.digicert.com/ssl-certificate-installation-apache.htm, among others, is a link that I have been trying to follow. I am stuck at #2 in the digicert link above becuase I can't find the SSL configuration file. Is it possible that I could not have that set up? If so, do I create the virtual host like specified in #4? Where would I place the virtual host block of code in my server?

Thank you for any and all help!

  • It's unclear if ACM can handle this. Once a cert is created in ACM, the aws cli can list the CertificateChain and Certificate of your cert via aws acm get-certificate --certificate-arn arn:aws:acm:region:account:certificate/uuid, but where to go from there without the CertificateKeyFile? Docs say it's only supported via ELB and CloudFront as of this writing. – Pete Jun 9 '16 at 23:02

Yes, as the example goes:

<VirtualHost *:443>
DocumentRoot /var/www/html2
ServerName www.yourdomain.com
SSLEngine on
SSLCertificateFile /path/to/your_domain_name.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /path/to/your_private.key
SSLCertificateChainFile /path/to/DigiCertCA.crt

Put this inside your Apache config file using the virtual host syntax or as your main host depending on what you are going to do with Apache (i.e. host more sites).

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