I have a ubuntu 16.04 lts on a intel NUC machine.

I want to use a TV usb tuner, in Japan, which only works for Windows.

So, I'm trying to install a windows server 2012 r2 guest VM on the ubuntu host.

I looked for vm tools such as kvm, xen, virtualbox, vmware.

Which tool is appropriate to pass an unrecognized usb to the windows server guest easily?

The ubuntu host and the windows guest will be run 24 hours/day as servers.

Any working tools are OK. Have you ever seen working, or can you guess which one will work?


You can try using VirtualBox and set up it with Windows Server. You can download Oracle Virtual Box with this link link

In the web there're many tutorials for do it, I can recommend you this guide for virtualbox

  • Thanks! I did. It seems to work for an unrecognized usb. I thought I had failed last time. – 19 Lee May 5 '16 at 17:10

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