I am banging my head on a wall with this one and getting nowhere. I hope that someone here has a clue or just confirm my impression that it's impossible to do.

I am using gitolite 2.3 on an internal repository to apply advanced ACLs. I have been asked to modify the configuration so that users in a special group, say @projectX are able to:

  • push any change, including non fast-forward, on any branch whose name begins with projectX-;
  • for other branches, they must be able to push only if the file is in the directory /projectX at the top level, otherwise they must be able only to pull/clone.

Now, giving them full permissions on "their" branches and clone/pull on any other is trivial, a rule like RW+ projectX-.* = @projectX will do.

In the same way, giving them full permissions on a path and pull/clone permissions otherwise is also easy (just a few rules).

I can't find a way to apply "both", so that the users retains full permissions on their branches and read-only permission on any other branch with the exception of "their" path.

I am starting to feel the smell of impossible... any clues?

Thanks in advance
-- bronto


I believe this can be accomplished:

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