I want to connect an old 3G SAS DAS (Dell MD1000) to a new 12G RAID controller (PERC H830 or something LSI 3108-based). I assumed it would be backwards-compatible like SATA1/2/3 is, but after closer examination I'm having doubts.

Dell's PERC site (click the "External Storage" tab) says many devices are supported with adapters, but the MD1000 on anything 6G or 12G instead says "no support".

When I checked my supplier for a 12G-to-3G cable (SFF-8644 to SFF-8470), they had nothing. When I google for one, I get a small amount of results from brands I'm familiar with. Whereas a 12G-to-6G cable (SFF-8644 to SFF-8088) is available from Lenovo, HP, ATTO, etc.


Yes, as long as you use the right cable. Speeds will obviously downshift to the lowest common speed (3G).

Is there a chance you can use a period-correct card or server instead?

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