I am a newbie here in this server and networking things. I have signed up in amazon aws and went through some basic documentations. There I could create security groups, instance, and web servers. I have installed LAMP with PuTTY. Everything going fine, but I am not able to access my public dns in browser. But in document, it says that I will see an apache homepage. I have pinged it. The result was "Request Timed Out". Why is it so? This is my inbound table:

enter image description here

Why it is not showing on browser? Any one can help?

  • Does your instance has a valid fqdn ? If exists does fqdn nslookup on the instance returns your Public DNS value. ? Or assign an elastic IP and check the IP in the browser. – vembutech May 9 '16 at 13:03
  • OH DEAR, this really prove you are new to network. You need to read more. A PING need ICMP-echo to be allow in security-group. And there is much more issue here that I doubt this question may cover. – mootmoot May 10 '16 at 15:44

You need a beginners guide to AWS. I cover this in my Wordpress/AWS guide. Things to look at include your internet gateway and routing, which are covered in the tutorial.

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