I am in the following situation :the IT department asked for a wire of type FTP. The company that is cabling the building is using F/UTP. Is it FTP? Or they need another type of cable kind of F/FTP??


I normally would associate FTP with the File Transfer Protocol :)

But from: belden.com/blog

An overall foil shield (F) with unscreened twisted pairs (UTP). This cable is very much like common UTP cables, with the addition of foil underneath the main cable jacket. Another common name for this cable is FTP. F/UTP cables are common in 10GBaseT applications.

But to keep the confusion, there are also several variaties of Foil screened Twisted Pairs where (also) the individual pairs are shielded:

No overall shielding or braid (U) with foil screened twisted pairs (FTP). This type of shielded cable is commonly used in 10GBaseT applications as well.

An overall braid screen (S) with foil screened twisted pairs (FTP). The “shield” underneath the jacket is a braid, and each individual pair is surrounded by its own foil barrier. The purpose of the additional foil on individual pairs is to limit the amount of crosstalk between them.

An overall foil shield (F) with foil screened twisted pairs (FTP).

So to answer your question, yes, F/UTP is a type FTP and there are others, all suitable for 10GBaseT.


  • Is SF/FTP better than F/FTP? – Unknown123 Apr 27 '19 at 6:42
  • Very informative answer but, what I was personally searching for, was a comparison of the impact this extra shielding has. Say that the cables are installed to run in parallel to power cables (which might be a really bad situation). I guess S/FTP would be better in this case since there is a low-frequency noise ( belden.com/blogs/smart-building/stp-utp-ftp-cable- ). But I cannot find any charts showing the actual impact given the frequency and noise level for each cable type. So, I cannot say if it is negligible or not. Nor if I need any shielding at all to do my intended job. – NoOne Mar 21 at 12:30

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