OS: CentOS 7.2
Zabbix version: 3.0
Trying to monitor some switches using SNMP protocol

I'm able to monitor them without any problem, all items are working and everything is fine but adding every item is a pain in the ass and I'm not into wasting hours right now so I started googling a bit and found Zabbix Extras, which seems to fix my problem, but not yet, as the last version is for Zabbix 2.4. Anyways, I tried to install it but, as expected, no success at all. I've been trying to find an alternative and got anything so far so this is basically my last chance...

hope someone can help or I'm gonna kill myself before adding +500 items/switch lol


You don't have to add items for all interfaces or disks manually - just use the default templates "Template SNMP Interfaces" and "Template SNMP Disks".

That should cover the absolute majority of items/OIDs and the remainder should be a few that one could add manually (in a template, preferably) - or you could see whether there's an existing template for your device already.

Note that you should never monitor everything available over SNMP - there are way, way too many things and you will overload the target device, fill up the Zabbix database and in general gather useless data.

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Perl script will generate a Zabbix v3 Template in XML format from an OID tree in an SNMP MIB file.

Read more here: https://github.com/cavaliercoder/mib2zabbix

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