I'm currently planning my new mailserver and can't stop thinking about one simple thing: The DNS settings. Most MX records look like mail.doomain.tld or mx01.domain.tld. Are there any advantages of using a format like this or could I just use domain.tld?


It doesn't matter.

You must only be sure that the record value point to the correct IP, only technical reason to use something like mail.example.com instead of just example.com is because the mailserver and the webserver CAN be a different servers (with different IP).

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You also don't even need a "MX" Record, if no MX record is found it will default to your "A" record. So your mail server and domain name can be the same name if you want it to be. Check out Unlock The Inbox, if you're setting up a mail server for the first time, they have a lot of useful information.

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