I set up a server with Postfix SMTP auth through Dovecot SASL. However, it was not possible to get the PAM authentification working as standard out of the box.

So more by chance, I changed it to the shadow driver as explained in Dovecot documentation and the configuration and setup runs fine immediately.

Are there any drawbacks keeping the /etc/shadow as password database in Dovecot's config? Especially, does it impact Postfix/Dovecot/Servers's security anyhow? The documentation just says, "PAM is usually preferred" but does not explain further why.


Could not make Dovecot working with PAM password database (passdb), Virtualmin/Usermin users keep getting error "Usermin Failed to login to IMAP server : [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed."

Changing passdb driver to /etc/shadow however fixed the problem immediately.

Probably issue with Virtualmin/Dovecot is in permissions to mailbox/inbox.imap or other config files.

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