I need to deploy code from github to Azure. i have configured jobs to perform test on the script and based on the result i want to deploy those script in Azure.

I need help on what jenkins plugin to us for deployment in Azure. if Plugin is not available do we have any other way to do a deployment from jenkins to Azure.

Any Links or Blogs will be really helpful.


Jenkins and Azure may work together, absolutely - just a two days ago there was another announcement about that. You may host it in Azure. But it looks like you want to host Jenkins outside of Azure. I would offer you to try out Visual Studio Team Services - its build part. You can define the build and add Jenkins as the part of that process. There is the plugin for Jenkins here with a good documentation on how to set up that.

Here is the tutorial on integrating Jenkins and VSTS. And you can set up the deployment to Azure from the same tab - see how to use VSTS build functionality.

  • Thanks for the response Alex. here i have the code available in Github and have configured Job in jenkins(Hosted outside of Azure) to do a basic test. once test is successful i want to deploy that code in Azure infrastructure. (similar like how we use jenkins plugin for code deploy in AWS) do we have any plugin to do it in Azure. – Boobalan A May 22 '16 at 5:13

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