uMacBooks-MacBook-Pro:~ MacBook$ ping www.reurl.in
 ping: cannot resolve www.reurl.in: Unknown host
 MacBooks-MacBook-Pro:~ MacBook$

Hello everyone, I just moved my site from a shared server to VPS with CentOS Vesta Cp and configured my domain as follows:

nameserver as ns1.reurl.in and ns2.reurl.in.

I have also entered the nameserver to my registrar domain at GoDaddy but now of all my domain is not showing the site, it returns hostname not found error

Pingdom says:

Begin testing delegation for reurl.in.
Name servers listed at parent: ns1.reurl.in,ns2.reurl.in
 Failed to find name servers of reurl.in/IN.
  No name servers found at child.

And browser says:

  www.reurl.in’s server DNS address could not be found.

What could be the issue? please let me know I am stuck here and the site is live.

  • Questions involving environments managed by control panels are off-topic. As others have stated, they are currently encountering no issues resolving www.reurl.in. That said, random problems are to be expected as you really only have one nameserver. (two NS records with the same IP) Please review the appropriate section of BCP 16 (RFC 2182) and Why is geo-redundant DNS necessary for small sites?. – Andrew B May 25 '16 at 15:01

You'll probably have greater success using the IPs of the nameservers you need:

ns1.reurl.in,ns2.reurl.in resolve to:

(found using https://mxtoolbox.com - super handy website for dealing with DNS-related questions for me)

I'm not familiar with that particular control panel, so I can't comment on specific commands you'll have to run.

Also I notice that the TTL is set for 4 hours for this record - have you made sure that all your changes have properly propagated? I popped over to your website to check and it seems that it's accessible atm.

Hope this helps,

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It seems likely that the DNS server for lookups is not answering for your query or is answering a negative response. Try the command cat /etc/resolv.conf.

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Website is loading fine from If this IP belongs to your VPS server, website is correctly loading from your VPS.

Possibly, your Macbook has cached DNS entries.Please clear your web browser cache and flush DNS entries according to your OS X : https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT202516

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