I'm planning an architecture of secure terminals only to access DC's.

So i have 2 computers which are secure and if i want to connect to the dc's i will have to log into those computers

So what i did is deploy GPO's block the logins of ADM users in the workstations and soforth i'm not being detailed here because i have it configured right.

What i need know is to block the ability of the ADM users to make RDP connection to DC from any workstation that isn't a secure one

What i mean is that a domain admin can iniciate an rdp conection to a dc using its credentials in any workstation of our domain. I want to know if it is posible to deny that by a gpo instead of blocking the network traffic


Windows firewall advanced settings allow you to restrict RDP to certain source IPs.

Alternatively, you can use certificates on the clients.


No, you will need to use a host-based or network firewall.

As an alternative, you could specify the "Log On To" on the Account of the user account, and specify the "Logon Workstations", the domain controllers/administrative computers. That may work if you do not have that many.

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