I recently started a project which I need to automate the installation of Asterisk servers for my customers in AWS infrastructure. Customers already own AWS infrastructure.

I was thinking the following approach:

a) AMI image:

  • Install Asterisk EC2 instance and create an image (Account A).
  • Move this image from Account A to customer account (Account B) and then configure accordingly. This may be challenging as not sure if I can transfer AMI image across different accounts.

b) Installation script:

Create a shell script based on the following:


c) Chef:

Use Chef server and have a bootup script for EC2 instances to install Chef client and then get the Asterisk recipe.

d) Docker installation

Use Docker containers and simplify installation, this will require install docker and then deploy the container.

Any suggestion/feedback is appreciated.

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Pick one? The 4, are roughly speaking, mutually incompatible (I suppose you could use Chef to install/start the docker containers or something). B is probably right out as strictly worse than the others but the rest are all fine depending on your existing workflow and tooling.

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