I'm trying to investigate why the amounts of connections between two physical hosts и (CentOS 6) don't match each other (diagnosed from the each one respectively):


$ sudo netstat -lnpa | grep tcp | grep ESTABLISHED | grep | wc -l



$ sudo netstat -lnpa | grep tcp | grep ESTABLISHED | grep | wc -l


Why is it possible at all? I guess there is a connection leak on the side of, but how to find out which software is leaking?

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    I too often use wc -l and then have to step back and compare the output directly to identify the problem - so how do these 54 compared to the 189 lines do look like. They should carry all relevant info like process name etc ... – Dilettant May 31 '16 at 21:03

Try looking at the output without the wc -l. The pattern '' matches 11 addresses. You may want a pattern like ^tcp.**ESTABLISED which reduces the number of commands required.

You don't need sudo nor all the netstat options. Try a command like:

netstat -nt | grep `^tcp.**ESTABLISED` | wc -l

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