I have a server with nginx installed. I'd like to enable modules (specifically ngx_http_map_module). Ok questions:

1) How can I check if the module is installed or not? 2) What is the workflow for installing the module? The only way is to stop nginx, remove it and recompile with the new module? 3) Stopping nginx isn't an option as there is a live website already. Any other options for adding modules?

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    map module is enabled by default. You could list all builded modules with nginx -V command. You don't need to stop nginx to recompile it with other modules, but I guess you even don't need to recompile it. – Alexey Ten Jun 3 '16 at 11:45
  • Ubuntu has several versions of nginx with different set of modules enabled. – Alexey Ten Jun 3 '16 at 11:52
  • The command: nginx -V shows this pastebin.com/z1cunc0p where I don't see the map module enabled... or not? – JohnDel Jun 3 '16 at 13:54
  • It's build by default. And I highly doubt if it even could be disabled. – Alexey Ten Jun 3 '16 at 13:59
  • Anyway, what is the real problem? Show us your code and errors – Alexey Ten Jun 3 '16 at 14:00

The http_map_module is compiled/enabled by default

So you shouldn't have any problems using it. Add the necessary config to your files then reload nginx - this will cause it to check your config first before reloading and it'll let you know of any errors without taking your site offline.

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