I have a Swarm cluster which currently only has a single master. So far the whole thing has been deployed using docker-machine. I have another node that I would like to use as another master.

When I use the following command I essentially create another cluster:

docker-machine create -d generic --generic-ip-address=<master1-ip> \ --generic-ssh-key /root/.ssh/id_rsa --swarm --swarm-master \ --swarm-discovery="consul://$(docker-machine ip master0):8500" \ --engine-opt="cluster-store=consul://$(docker-machine ip master0):8500" \ --engine-opt="cluster-advertise=eth0:2376" master1

Is actually possible to create a second master with machine?


Stupid me. --swarm-discovery was not pointing to the right node :-( Needs to point to the existing master.

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