I am creating a simple proxy pass in Apache 2.2 on CentOS 6 but that's not working and throwing error. I would be thankful if someone can please help:

SSLProxyEngine On
ProxyPass  /  https://ecuo-test.fin.us2.oraclecloud.com/
ProxyPassReverse  /  https://ecuo-test.fin.us2.oraclecloud.com/

Now when I call it as http://MyHostName/finApInvQuickInvoicesModel/InvoiceInterfaceService?wsdl it throws following error:

Invalid URL  The requested URL
"http://%5bNo%20Host%5d/finApInvQuickInvoicesModel/InvoiceInterfaceService?", is invalid. Reference #9.76fd241.1465372087.68aff0d

Whereas https://ecuo-test.fin.us2.oraclecloud.com/finApInvQuickInvoicesModel/InvoiceInterfaceService?wsdl works very fine.

Can you please help me fixing this?


At a guess, you might need to turn on ProxyPreserveHost. (Docs are here)

Without it, the proxy-request that Apache is making to ecuo-test.fin.us2.oraclecloud.com will have a Host header of MyHostName, and I guess that the error is trying to indicate that the eventual host doesn't recognise that host name.

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