I would like to redirect the apex root of the domain, ( naked domain ) to the azure virtual machine. It makes sense i would use a traffic manager to balance the traffic load, and redirect users to the cloudservice. But then i have to point the A record to a fixed ip, which i dont know how to find that in traffic manager? So how do other people point their A records to an IP?


You can only use CNAME with Traffic Manager, not A records. So, you'd add a CNAME mapping to yourapp.trafficmanager.net.

Full details are here.

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    and then what happens with people going to domain.com? – Miguel Jun 8 '16 at 15:35

Traffic manager does not support the use of Apex roots, as you cannot create a CNAME for the domain root. There is a uservoice request to support this here.

Some people have had sucess with using an Alias record for the domain root, which does work as it does allow co-existance with other records on the domain, but your DNS provider needs to support it.

  • yes, i already voted for that request. And notice that its 2 years old, and nothing yet! Thats how big companies work, the bigger the worse. – Miguel Jun 8 '16 at 17:16

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