Trying to set use ccd with openvpn 2. I want some clients to get IP addresses on a separate subnet so their access to systems can be limited.

my server.conf file has these settings: dev tun0 server route client-config-dir ccd

in /etc/openvpn/ccd/user1 I have: ifconfig-push

I created a cert with common name user1.

I am able to connect but user1 never gets the address. Always picks up a 192.168.57.x address from the server pool.

What am I doing wrong or missing here?



server tells your server that it has to operate on subnet so it will never assign addresses from subnet. You have to change netmask in server option to server so it will span to subnet.

-[ipv4 :] - 0

Host address            -
Host address (decimal)  - 3232249856
Host address (hex)      - C0A83800
Network address         -
Network mask            -
Network mask (bits)     - 22
Network mask (hex)      - FFFFFC00
Broadcast address       -
Cisco wildcard          -
Addresses in network    - 1024
Network range           - -
Usable range            - -

Also remove option route

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