I have registered a domain www.techsteroid.com with godaddy and hosted on aws ec2 instance with public dns ec2-52-8-152-90.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com . I have installed wordpress and associated elastic ip address and updated it in godaddy. Then, my website was redirecting to correct page like this


but on clicking on any link, address bar will show public dns ie


instead of


To fix it I created a hosted zone, imported zone file, and updated nameservers in godaddy. But since then website is not even opening. It says www...com can't ebe reached. Niether of company's support are able to resolve this problem.

The ss's are enter image description here enter image description here The problem now is how should I be able to connect to the site by its domain on my network. In permalinks setting, I am seeing this enter image description here

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OK, first, the DNS changes you made are working. I can pull up the site without issue.

Your NS servers point to Route53 as expected:

$ whois techsteroid.com | grep "Name Server"
   Name Server: NS-1129.AWSDNS-13.ORG
   Name Server: NS-159.AWSDNS-19.COM
   Name Server: NS-1846.AWSDNS-38.CO.UK
   Name Server: NS-635.AWSDNS-15.NET

Furthermore, the DNS records themselves look good:

$ dig +short www.techsteroid.com

Here's the site screenshot: website screenshot

So, any issue you're seeing locally are likely due to cache issues. Either your browser is caching old data, or something between your browser and the server is caching old data. Try a different browser, or connecting from a network different than the one you're currently using.

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