I have a cacti system (Version 0.8.8b). The cacti system has been running for a year.

I would like to generate retroactive daily graphs, because cacti can't show the old daily graphs. How to generate old daily graphs?

thank you very much


Essentially, you can't because the data is gone.

Cacti uses rrdtool to store the data and this tool works by storing detailed records for only a short time and then aggregating this data into lower time resolution for longer time periods. As an example, it might store data in

  • 5 minute intervals for a day
  • 30 min intervals for a week (averaging 6 of the last five minute data points)
  • Hourly intervals for a month (again averaging the 30min data points).
  • Daily intervals for a year (see above...)

This has the advantage that each metric you record needs a fixed amount of storage but at the price of data loss from older time points.


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