My setup is a Qwest PK5000 router with a Linksys router running Tomato.

I have DMZ pointed towards my router. (The server is on the tomato router).

I tried my applications that open up sockets and Utorrent (port 6883) and I ended having to do advanced port forwarding and forward specific ports in addition to having DMZ on my router.

The problem is that I cannot connect to perforce when on another machine on the LAN or off. Any ideas? :)



When you start p4d do you set the listen port (-p option) to be my_hostname:1666?

I have had this issue before when I started p4d with -p

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What port is p4d running on? The default is 1666.

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  • It's running on 1666. I can connect if I do but anywhere outside of the local loopback and it times out. – bobber205 Jun 3 '10 at 20:34

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