I have installed roundcube webmail on my debian squeeze box. I want to know can I allow editing of the sender address in roundcube ? If yes, then how ? I searched so many blogs, posts but I didn't find any related help from their. So any help would be appreciated.


If you want to edit the actual email field of the Identity Settings instead of choosing available ones from a drop-down-menu, you have to set this in your roundcube/config/config.inc.php:

$config['identities_level'] = 0;
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I believe what you're looking for is Sender Identities in RoundCibe settings.

When you've logged into RoundCube, go to your settings and you should see on option for Sender Identities. With this you can configure multiple, or change the default, sender so you can send from multiple accounts or email addresses on the one login.

I've also found a link on the RoundCube website which should explain it further. https://docs.roundcube.net/doc/help/1.1/en_US/settings/identities.html

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