I've been trying to figure out how to create a distribution list containing personal email addresses for all our staff. This could be done by adding each staff member as a mail contact with their personal email address and adding those mail contacts to a distribution group - but it seems silly to have both a user and a mail contact for each staff member.

Active Directory Online has a field for "alternative email address". Is there a way to use either that or a custom user field to populate a distribution group and then have email sent to that group be forwarded to it's members alternate address/the address in a custom field for each user?

  • Sadly you have answered your own question. Its a dumb way to do it but the only way I have seen. – Zapto Jun 24 '16 at 19:35
  • I'd avoid doing that completely, with spf and dmarc, you're sure to have some issues relaying that email. – Jacob Evans Jun 25 '16 at 4:38

Some alternative approaches I can think of:

  1. Enable forward rules on the mailbox, you can specify that only mail from certain senders will be forwarded and you can still keep a copy in the mailbox.

  2. Transport rules could be configured to forward messages to alternate addresses.

  3. Use MS Flow or Zappier to create a workflow that forwards messages to personal addresses.

  4. Setup a listserv, or sign up for a free mail chimp account and manage contacts there.

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