Does anybody know how to power of a x4600 system via ilom. To reset the command is: reset /SYS

But i never found a power off command.

BR, Rene


In the 820-0280-12 / Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Administration Guide For ILOM 1.1.1

it says:

8.1 Controlling Power to the Host Server 
■ To power on the host, type: 
start /SYS 
■ To power off the host, type: 
stop /SYS 
■ To reset the host, type: 
reset /SYS 

Try "stop /SYS".

"stop /CH" might also work (be carefull with this if you have a blade center!).

A "-f" (force) switch can also be added.

You can find more information about ILOM CLI in the Sun documentation

  • stop /CH is only for chassis systems (like Sun Blade 6000). It won't work on x4600. And, it will power off all blades in the chassis. – Alan H May 5 '11 at 23:22

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