I'm creating a VLAN interface with networkd like this on a bunch of servers with equal config:



Then I'm creating an interface like this with it:



Where x is a unique number for every server.

My problem is that the VLAN is not really usable as networkd seems to choose the same MAC address (in my case 72:ae:43:d7:0f:d7) on every server. I know I can set a MAC address using MACAddress or influence the generation via MACAddressPolicy. But what is networkd without specifying either?

  • Are you asking what the default behavior is if you don't specify MACAddress or MACAddressPolicy ? – Mark Stosberg Jul 1 '16 at 12:39
  • Yes but as far as I see the default of MACAddressPolicy is neither of both options. MACAddress cannot have a sensible default. – vanthome Jul 1 '16 at 18:15

The default MACAddress for a [NetDev] section is defined in the official documentation:

The MAC address to use for the device. If none is given, one is generated based on the interface name and the machine-id(5).

If all your machines have the same MAC Address being generated, it's because they have the same machine-id. Refer to the linked official docs on machine-id on how you can influence that.

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