I have an issue with outgoing calls and inbound calls on elastix 2.6 some time i can make calls from ipphoe but its take more than 10 to 25 seconds Or cannot make calls
Some time phone is ringing no voice or delay but some time its okay but take too long time for call routing

Elastix Version 2.4.0 asterix 11.13 Freepbx 2.11.0

CLI Output

*-- Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:21] GotoIf("SIP/143-00000090", "0?customtrunk") in new stack

-- Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:22] Dial("SIP/143-00000090", "DAHDI/g0/0558726480,300,") in new stack

-- Called DAHDI/g0/0558726480

-- DAHDI/1-1 answered SIP/143-00000090

-- 0x2abb7c05aa20 -- Probation passed - setting RTP source address to

-- Remote UNIX connection

-- Remote UNIX connection disconnected*


Then after 20 second line is connected some time not conecting

Live Log tail -f full output

new stack [2016-07-03 17:27:01] VERBOSE[5360][C-00000060] pbx.c: -- Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:21] GotoIf("SIP/143-00000091", "0?customtrunk") in new stack

[2016-07-03 17:27:01] VERBOSE[5360][C-00000060] pbx.c: -- Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:22] Dial("SIP/143-00000091", "DAHDI/g0/0558726480,300,") in new stack

[2016-07-03 17:27:01] VERBOSE[5360][C-00000060] app_dial.c: -- Called DAHDI/g0/0558726480

[2016-07-03 17:27:06] VERBOSE[5360][C-00000060] app_dial.c: -- DAHDI/1-1 answered SIP/143-00000091

  • You may need to up the verbosity or turn debugging on in order to track this one down. Nothing here really seems out of the ordinary. What do the status of the DAHDI interfaces look like? – Matt W Jul 21 '16 at 15:26
  • @MattW , Thank you, Sorry for delay response , Issue already solved, issue not in our configration , Its trunk line provider issue ... – Jobish Jose Jul 27 '16 at 10:46

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