I installed a nginx webserver locally. The web root is under /var/www

Now I have a project which looks like this: /var/www /test-project /src /tests

The src folder is the folder, which contains the index.php file. Now I want to run the site when I enter https://localhost/test-project into the browser.

Currently this is my configuration:

server {
    listen          443;
    server_name     localhost;
    root            /var/www/;

    access_log  /usr/local/etc/nginx/logs/default-ssl.access.log  main;

    ssl                  on;
    ssl_certificate      ssl/localhost.crt;
    ssl_certificate_key  ssl/localhost.key;

    ssl_session_timeout  5m;

    ssl_protocols  SSLv2 SSLv3 TLSv1;
    ssl_ciphers  HIGH:!aNULL:!MD5;
    ssl_prefer_server_ciphers   on;

    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
        include   /usr/local/etc/nginx/conf.d/php-fpm;

    location ~ /test-project { #/(?!Templates|uploads).* {
        try_files $uri/ $uri/ /test-project/src/index.php?$args;
        include   /usr/local/etc/nginx/conf.d/php-fpm;

    error_page  404     /404.html;
    error_page  403     /403.html;

But currently I always get redirected to the 404 page. Can anybody tell me what I have to change to get it running?

  • Have you tried adding alias /var/www/test-project/src to the test-project location? – Joshua Griffiths Jul 5 '16 at 12:14

Keeping your root as is and assuming that the full path of your src folder is /var/www/test-project/src

I would then update the location for the test-project route to:

location /test-project/ {
    try_files $uri /test-project/src/index.php;

If your src folder's full path is: /var/www/src, then it would be:

location /test-project/ {
    try_files $uri /src/index.php;
  • I still get an error message: *1 directory index of "/var/www/test-project/" is forbidden, client:, server: localhost, request: "GET /test-project/ HTTP/1.1", host: "localhost" But I tried to add a new root to the location or to add an alias. But non of them did work. – Pascal Jul 7 '16 at 9:32
  • a 403 error? If so there are some instructions in that article: 403 errors such as a chmod 755 on the directory – David B. Jul 8 '16 at 14:07

Your root should point to the folder where the index is located, otherwise you're doing (in my opinion) something wrong.

  • how would it look if i have different projects in the same folder /var/www – Pascal Jul 5 '16 at 12:02

Web root should be /var/www/test-project, as you are saying index.php is in src, and then go for https://localhost/src, also check your permissions and ownership.


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