I'm re-posting this thread to Serverfault from Webmasters as this is a more relevant place to ask about e-mail server related questions.

I have multiple domains that I'm managing.

Most of the cases I'm the only user.

I would like to get a single Google Apps for Work account at $5/mo for e-mail handling for all the domains.

After some researches, I've read about there are two methods for managing multiple domains: domain alias and separate domain approaches.

In my case, there's only one user myself.

I would like to have e-mail addresses for my domains such as:


And be able to reply with corresponding e-mail address.

Do I use separate domain to set this up?

My concerns are:

  1. When replying using send as, will viewing the message source full header disclose any trace of my actual user account/e-mail credential? Or the recipient will only see the send as e-mail address?

  2. If I'm configuring SMTP Plugin for Wordpress, do I have separate login credentials for authentication for each domain? Or can I configure different authentication credentials for each domain?

My goal is to hide all trace of irrelevant user account info in the message source header as each domain should be unique entity unrelated to the others.


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