I've got three tablespaces. Two of them are on disks with ~400GiB free, and one is on a disk with ~200GiB free. I want to set up temp_tablespaces to use the latter disk less frequently in case I run out of space on it. How can I do this?

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Say your tablespaces are ts1, ts2, and ts3, where ts3 is the smaller one.

ALTER DATABASE your_database SET temp_tablespaces = ts1, ts1, ts2, ts2, ts3

Looks like duplicate values in the temp_tablespaces list are kept, making Postgres more likely to write a temp file those tablespaces, according to weighted random choice. Transactions use the tablespaces sequentially, which also produces roughly the same weighted distribution (docs). So ts3 should now have about 1/2 the usage as the other two tablespaces.

I'm trying this now for some huge queries. I see 84GiB used on the first two and 40GiB used on the last one.

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