Is there any way to route a request from a specific subdomain to a specific server over a single external IP address.
So for example Sub1.Domain.com:1234 goes to and enters my local network then it should route to on my local network.
Like in this scheme in included: Scheme

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    The proper solution is to allocate a separate IP address to each server. Everything else is just workarounds. Workarounds exist for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and DNS. I am aware of no other protocol for which a workaround is possible.
    – kasperd
    Jul 7 '16 at 20:58

The firewall/NAT box may be able to do it and it will only take you several hours to come up with the rule-syntax to achieve it...

It may be more straightforward, if these "special" clients accessed a dedicated port -- then the syntax will be easier to figure out.

But @kasperd is right -- it is all a work-around...

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