I have this scenario:

I login to dns1 with key and same with dns2. Suddenly for each of the keys I used it started to ask me server password, this was never happening in past, and I did no changes on both servers at once to have this occur. I tried to setup a new key in place did not helped. here is the SSH debug log from both servers:

Server 1 DEBUG -vvv options

Server 2 DEBUG -vvv options

This is quite annoying and no clue why it happened at once. I am using OS X if does make any difference, yet keys are same overall...

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    The servers did not accept the key you used. Check the logs on the server to find out why. – Michael Hampton Jul 10 '16 at 0:07

The server didn't accept the key your client provided. The client provided only "/Users/kosmos/.ssh/id_rsa_old", guessing that's not the key that's in your authorized_keys file on the remote server.

Check the auth.log on the server, it should contain something helpful as to why. If the public key for that id_rsa_old is in your authorized_keys file on that server, it's probably refusing it because the permissions on authorized_keys are excessively permissive. Make it 600 or 644.

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