There is database server with ip-address in external zone with mysql instances and nas-storage existing in internal zone. I need that database file is located in storage. I want write in my.cnf for example:

port       = 3306
datadir    = /data/sql/mysqld1

port       = 3307
datadir    = /nasstorage/sql_on_storage/mysqld2
bind-address =

I am planning to mount directory from storage to database server. Which is technology is better for this puspose: iSCSI or NFS?

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Network filesystems and databases can be a problematic combo, and at least InnoDB does not like NFS. From the MySQL documentation

If reliability is a consideration for your data, do not configure InnoDB to use data files or log files on NFS volumes. Potential problems vary according to OS and version of NFS, and include such issues as lack of protection from conflicting writes, and limitations on maximum file sizes.

So I would go ahead with iSCSI instead. Whatever you decide to use, please benchmark & stress-test it to see how reliable your choice is.


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