I am configuring a web map application using IIS and GeoServer (installed through OpenGeoSuite) on an AWS EC2 instance.

Using this tutorial (http://www.cartoninjas.net/post/Installing-GeoServer-on-Windows-7-(x32-or-x64)-and-IIS-75) I was successfully able to redirect my primary Web Server (IIS) to my secondary web server (GeoServer) using the URL Rewrite:


Now, I am having trouble editing the index.html page that is the default page. Notepad++ keeps denying any edits because it's being used in Java, but it allows me to edit with Notepad (?!). Instead of needing to edit in notepad and be tortured, I just want to use a different HTML page to represent that default page for my custom domain.

Is there a way in IIS to redirect to a specific HTML file through OpenGeoSuite's configuration of GeoServer?

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