Network Layout

I have a basic setup as described in the (rather poor) image above. I have various VLANS;

  • 1 Default
  • 10 VOIP
  • 20 Guest WIFI (Unifi)

I am looking at a way of doing Inter VLAN in this setup of layer 2 switches to allow certain cross VLAN communication.

Is this possible?

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    It's only possible if you have a Layer 3 device that can route traffic across the VLAN's. – joeqwerty Jul 15 '16 at 15:16

In short, no this is not possible.

To cross VLANs, you need a layer 3 device (L3 switch or a router). I'm going to assume that you have no control over the ISP CPE and say that you will need to acquire some additional equipment before making this setup work.

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