We're using SNMPTT in a Nagios environment. My MIB works for all events, but 1. I can't figure out what's going on.

When a trap comes in, I want it to execute a file, which will then handle the notification and Nagios alerting.

Here's the section from the MIB:

EVENT lgpEventConditionEntryAdded . "Status Events" CRITICAL
FORMAT LIEBERT CUSTOM TRAP lgpEventConditionEntryAdded
EXEC /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/pob_translate_liebert_trap.sh $r $s $2
The device is reporting an alarm.

My pob_translate_liebert_trap.sh file just does extra email debugging, then sends it to Nagios. Nothing really to see here.

Here's the result from the snmptt.debug log when a trap comes in matching .

Processing file: #snmptt-trap-1468519738245030
Reading trap.  Current time: Thu Jul 14 14:32:38 2016

Raw trap passed from snmptrapd:
UDP: [10.redacted]:65534->[170.redacted]
. 70:4:13:32.08
. .
. 12
. .
. 70:4:13:32.05
. 10.redacted
. "public"
. .

Items passed from snmptrapd:
value 0: 10.redacted
value 1: 10.redacted
value 2: .
value 3: 70:4:13:32.08
value 4: .
value 5: .
value 6: .
value 7: 12
value 8: .
value 9: .
value 10: .
value 11: 70:4:13:32.05
value 12: .
value 13: 10.redacted
value 14: .
value 15: public
value 16: .
value 17: .
Host IP address (10.redacted) could not be resolved by DNS.  Variable $r / $R etc will use the IP address
Agent IP address (10.redacted) is the same as the host IP, so copying the host name: 10.redacted

Trap received from 10.redacted: .
0:              hostname
1:              ip address
2:              uptime
3:              trapname / OID
4:              ip address from trap agent
5:              trap community string
6:              enterprise
7:              securityEngineID        (snmptthandler-embedded required)
8:              securityName            (snmptthandler-embedded required)
9:              contextEngineID         (snmptthandler-embedded required)
10:             contextName             (snmptthandler-embedded required)
0+:             passed variables

Value 0: 10.redacted
Value 1: 10.redacted
Value 2: 70:4:13:32.08
Value 3: .
Value 4: 10.redacted
Value 5: public
Value 6: .
Value 7:
Value 8:
Value 9:
Value 10:
Agent dns name: 10.redacted
Ent Value 0 ($1): .
Ent Value 1 ($2): .
Ent Value 2 ($3): .

Exact match of trap found in EVENT hash table

Working with EVENT entry: . => lgpEventConditionEntryAdded,Status Events,CRITICAL,
  No nodes defined for this entry so all nodes will match
  No MATCH entries defined for this entry

Trap defined, processing...

PREEXEC line(s):

FORMAT line:
Variable . with value 70:4:13:32.05
Variable . with value .
Variable . with value 12
LIEBERT CUSTOM TRAP lgpEventConditionEntryAdded
. CRITICAL "Status Events" 10.redacted - LIEBERT CUSTOM TRAP lgpEventConditionEntryAdded

EXEC line(s):
Variable . with value 70:4:13:32.05
Variable . with value .
Variable . with value 12
EXEC command:/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/pob_translate_liebert_trap.sh 10.redacted CRITICAL .

Now, if I log in as user snmptt and run this command: /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/pob_translate_liebert_trap.sh 10.redacted CRITICAL . it works great.

Any insight on what is breaking down from this script not running when snmptt translates it? It looks like it should be running

  • The script is not executed at all? Can SNMPTT execute something else, e.g. EXEC /bin/echo "Trap from $r received" >>/tmp/snmptt.test – L.R. Jul 18 '16 at 13:20
  • @L.R. Yeah it's exec'ing other OIDs with the same exec script fine. It's this exec block thats not working. Also, when I su to the snmptt user, i can exec it as well. – Pat Jul 19 '16 at 0:18
  • That's strange. Is there any substantial difference in environmental variables (env) when script is started by the snmptt process compared to situation when it is started manually as snmptt user? – L.R. Jul 25 '16 at 14:36

In my case the problem was in one of the "$*". Remove this one from parametr list and all will work fine.

This is a bug. Depends on a symbols in text of trap|oids.

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