When building a cluster of 4 nodes for Failover Cluster with Hyper-V on top of a hyperconverged setup using S2D, my understanding is if one host goes down, the other 3 nodes pickup the VMs. Storage of that VM is moved to the host that owns that VM.

Now if I were to add a 5th node, does the new storage presented not have redundancy until I add 3 more nodes or does Windows S2D move data around other hosts to build resiliency?

This would be setup with a 3-way mirror.

In short, I'm looking to deploy this in production once it's released, but I'd like to understand more of how adding nodes works in the cluster.


No. "3-way mirror" just means that, among all of the servers in the cluster, there are three copies of all the data. Adding a fifth server to the cluster simply means there are now five potential servers the data could be on instead of four.

  • So my available storage wouldn't increase until I added a 6th node. Since having 5 nodes and data shared on 3 of the 5 would mean the other 2 nodes wouldn't have much storage possibly to mirror 3 ways – jradmin01 Jul 18 '16 at 23:27

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