I have multiple nodes, each with multiple disks of the same size. I'd like for either

  • collectd to report a single used/free metric that is the aggregate of these multiple disks
  • construct a grafana query that combines multiple disks into a single %-free metric

Here's a config example using the aggregation plugin that will compute global df statistics per type-instance, meaning one value per used, free and maybe others depending on your OS.

LoadPlugin aggregation

<Plugin aggregation>
    Plugin "df"
    Type "percent_bytes"
    GroupBy "TypeInstance"
    CalculateMinimum true
    CalculateMaximum true
    CalculateAverage true
    SetPluginInstance "%{aggregation}"
    SetHost "global"
    SetPlugin "df"

As you can guess it will compute the average, min and max aggregations but you could also add the sum by using CalculateSum.

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