I have a bunch of machines configured in Azure that use AAD to login. As they currently only require Username and Password I feel that they are at risk. If a user logs in on the web then they are prompted for two factor, but not if they login with the same account to a desktop.

How do I require two factor for RDP/terminal login to any computer joined to my AAD domain?

Just to be clear:

  • I have no on-premises Active Directory (and don't want)
  • I have no on-premises infrastructure (and don't want)

You can't. Azure Cloud MFA is only available for Office 365, Azure Portal Administration and Cloud Applications.

Available versions of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

You can, however, install the Azure On-premises MFA Server and use an RD Gateway to accomplish this. RD Gateway is necessary for Windows Server 2012 R2 and later.

Remote Desktop Gateway and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server using RADIUS

For Windows Server 2012 and earlier:

Windows Authentication and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server

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