We have a Failover Cluster with two nodes and a NetApp E Series Storage. The connection is iSCSI. All Windows updates are installed to the hosts, the storage controllers firmwares are up to date.

Scenario: I'm restarting HOST2. When I restart that, the VM's are live migrating and to HOST1, so it's ok. After restart the HOST2 is joining to the nodes and I can see that one Volume changes the ownership to HOST2. After joining

Now that's the point when for about a few sec somehow Volume2 gets 'No Access':

Cluster Shared Volume 'Volume2' ('NetApp1') is no longer accessible from this cluster node because of error '(1460)'. Please troubleshoot this node's connectivity to the storage device and network connectivity.

All VM's are going into failed state... For about a minute Volume2 is 'Online' again, and the VM's are force restarting.

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