When you issue a salt call from salt master (eg. salt '*' test.ping), the output includes the minions that it is unable to talk to, with the hostname and then on the next line a message "Minion did not return."

Is there a way to to restrict the output only to those minions for which it is able to connect? I thought there was a way to do this, but I'm not seeing it in the man page or documentation.

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SaltStack is currently not able to restrict the output and run the modules only n minions that are connected in one call. It however might be possible to retrieve this in multiple steps:

First print a list of all the connected minions that are up:

salt-run manage.up

You could use the output to build a list of the 'connected' minions:

salt -L 'minion1,minion2' test.ping

Note: it's still possible the minions will lose their connection or exceeds the timeout before or during the second call!

Use --state_output to override the configured state_output value for minion output. One of full, terse, mixed, changes or filter. The default is full.

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