I have a domain www.example.com and here is the config of my nginx

    location /data {
    root   /var/www.example.com/html;
    index  index.html;

when I hit http://www.example.com/data, I expect the the index.html in folder /var/www.example.com/html will be shown up but it just doesn't.

The location of path is quite simple even without a regex (my requirements is really this simple). What did I do wrong?


  • You need to add www.example.com to your hosts file. – Vladimir Kovalchuk Jul 23 '16 at 21:20

You need to use alias instead of root. With root, the URI is appended to the path specified, so in your case http://www.example.com/data becomes /var/www/example.com/html/data/data.

With alias /var/www/example.com/html/data, it becomes /var/www/example.com/html/data.

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