I'm trying to establish a simple TCP connection between two machines in the same subnet (wireless network). The tool used is netcat.

On machine A, I start a listener:

nc -l -p 4506

On machine B, I fire up the request:

nc -vv <machine_A_ip> 4506

While the output on machine A stays untouched, the output from netcat on machine B prints the following error:

<machine_A> [<machine_A_ip>] 4506 (?) : Connection refused
 sent 0, rcvd 0

Since machine B is headless, I have access only to tshark as a debugging tool. To debug this issue, I have tried to set the capture filter like this:

tshark -i wlan0 -f 'port 4506'

But tshark won't capture any packages. What am I missing? How do I properly debug the point of failure?

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    Ignoring tshark for the moment, two things to check: first, run netstat -an | grep 4506 on machine A to make sure netcat is actually listening on that port. Certain versions of netcat want the port to be an argument to the -l option. Second, look at the iptables/firewall configuration on machine A to make sure port 4506 is not blocked. – Jeremy Dover Jul 24 '16 at 22:13
  • @JeremyDover just checked that machine A is indeed listening in the 4506 port. Firewall is disabled in machine A. Gonna check machine B as well – ivarec Jul 24 '16 at 22:52
  • Glad you figured it out! – Jeremy Dover Jul 25 '16 at 0:46

I was making a basic and bizarre mistake: I was swapping the IP addresses of both machines, so I was listening on machine A and making a request from machine B to machine B. Since this was using B's lo interface, I couldn't capture the packages in the wlan0 interface.

Oops! :)

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