I am attempting to capture a reference image of a Windows 10 machine. It is Windows 10 Education x64. I did a clean install and then added the apps I needed.

Now when I try to run sysprep

sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:C:\unattend.xml

I find myself running into this error: Sysprep error In case that image doesn't work (seems not to work just now) here is another link to the same error.

From what I can find online it seems that this error typically is thrown when one attempts to run sysprep on a system that has been upgraded (not a clean install). There is a registry hack to get around that, but I don't even have the applicable keys (it is a clean install). I'll need a different solution.

I do not have Candy Crush Soda or Twitter installed. I even clicked their icons (which installs them) and then manually uninstalled them just to be sure they are gone and the issue persists.

I have tried to read the setupact.log file, but for some reason it seems that Windows is no longer writing to that log file when I try to run Sysprep. Not sure why.

Please share any insights you may have. Thanks!

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