Issuing the same url request, from the same workstation to the same haproxy server:

  • with a browser (tried Chrome and Firefox): haproxy log shows CD flags
  • with curl: haproxy log shows --

Both requests get a full answer back - no data is truncated.

According to this, flags CD mean

The client unexpectedly aborted during data transfer. This can be caused by a browser crash, by an intermediate equipment between the client and haproxy which decided to actively break the connection, by network routing issues between the client and haproxy, or by a keep-alive session between the server and the client terminated first by the client.

Given that I'm issuing both queries from the same workstation, I would exclude any influence of "intermediate equipment" or "routing issues". The difference seems to lie in how the two clients open and close the connection.

Any clue anyone?

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