There are two machines:

Build: Using jenkins to get code and build war files

Deploy: used for deploying the war files to a tomcat server for testing.

I am trying to do automatic updates for the war files from the Build machine to the deploy machine.

I was going to use wget to get the lastSuccessfulBuild of the wars that I need for each update. The lastSuccessfulBuild is a hyperlink that when clicked downloads the war file.

When I try to use WGET, it sits there and then times out after a period of time.

This is using wget from the Deploy machine to get the files from the Build machine.

I can SSH from deploy to Build. I can SCP but it requires a password which makes automation kind of difficult.

I assume that Build has some firewall issues.

I am looking for solutions and how to diagnose this problem

Both systems are Centos/Red Hat



wget supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols.

Whereas ssh/scp uses port 22. Most likely you don't have a web- or ftp server setup on the build machine.

The easiest solution for you would be to setup key based ssh authentication.

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