I have a list of numbers, for example








I am trying to prepend '0' to the four-digit numbers using sed, so the example above should give '01394' and '02350' and leave everything else as is.

The command I am using is sed 's/[0-9]\{4\}/0&/' but this includes numbers four digits and greater. I tried including end of line to indicate that I only want four digit numbers like so: sed 's/[0-9]\{4\}$/0&/' but this added a '0' to the second place of the five-digit numbers, so in the example above, '49020' would become '409020'.

Would appreciate any help on this!


You wish to prepend to only four-digit numbers, so you need to match beginning and ending, like this:

sed 's/^[0-9]\{4\}$/0&/'

I sometimes use something like this:

sed -r \
    -e 's/^[0-9]{1}$/0&/' \
    -e 's/^[0-9]{2}$/0&/' \
    -e 's/^[0-9]{3}$/0&/' \
    -e 's/^[0-9]{4}$/0&/' \
    -e 's/^[0-9]{5}$/0&/' \
    -e 's/^[0-9]{6}$/0&/'

which should leave all numbers as seven digits. There are of course easier ways with other tools than sed.


I find sed to be cranky. That sed lol here's how you do it. Instead of

 sed 's/[0-9]\{4\}/0&/'

Add in an end of string terminator:

 sed 's/^[0-9]\{4\}\>/0&/'

Note the /> after the second bracket. = End of word. It's stupid, don't know why specifying a len doesn't work. Maybe some experts can let us know why that is.

BTW tried with and without the string start caret - it works either way s/[0-9 or s/^[0-9]


This worked for me.

sed 's/^[0-9]\{4\}$/0&/'

I was able to modify it with the -i command and space /filename. Like below.

sed -i 's/^[0-9]\{4\}$/0&/' /tmp/filename

It would prepend the 4 digit numbers in the file with a 0.

I then changed it to do other funky changes that I required.

Thanks a mill for this one!!!!!

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