I've got a Super Micro X8DTT-H server. I've been wrestling with various issues trying to get the server installed with CentOS 6. At one point I had the server booted from the IPMI-attached DVD drive. I wanted to reboot the server but I got an error that the system could not be rebooted. So, I reset the system via IMPI. Now, whenever it comes up it hangs, trying to enumerating the drives.

enter image description here

I've looked through the manual for the motherboard/BIOS and I've tried DEL and a variety of function keys via the IPMI soft keyboard. No luck.

Short of driving to the data center and pulling the drive (or disconnecting it) is there a way to get the BIOS to ignore that hard drive check and just boot from the CD again?

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    It says there are two connected SATA devices, but only listed one. So your problem is probably with the other device, and you'll almost certainly have to physically visit the hardware. – Michael Hampton Aug 3 '16 at 0:07
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    @MichaelHampton You should write that as an answer :) (you can delete my comment if you do ;p) – yagmoth555 Aug 3 '16 at 1:09

Your second hard drive is defective and is blocking the POST. You will need to physically unplug the drive and it should boot normally.

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