As the title stated, how do I upgrade SaltStack (both Master and Minion) if I installed them using the bootstrap.sh script?

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By default the bootstrap.sh scripts installs the stable version of SaltStack. Depending on your OS you can upgrade SaltStack using you package manager.

For example on you salt-master (OS: Ubuntu) you might run the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade salt-master

On your salt-master you can get a list of what version of SaltStack your minsions are running:

sudo salt '*' test.version

To get a list of up-to-date minions and those that need updating, you can run the following command on your salt-master:

sudo salt-run manage.versions

You can use SaltStack to upgrade all of your salt-minions at once:

sudo salt '*' pkg.install salt-minion refresh=True

An alternative method would be to use the apt commands like this:

sudo salt -G 'os:Ubuntu' cmd.run "apt-get -y install salt-minion"

Verify that everything is upgraded by running sudo salt '*' test.version again.

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